Enjoy Oyster

You can choose from raw, grilled, sake-steamed and shabu-shabu style.

Oyster Recipes





Oyster Menu

Oyster Shabu-shabu Set

¥2,850 (Tax inc.)

  • 5 Oysters
  • Vegetables

Deep Fried Oysters

¥850 (Tax inc.)

4-pieces, fresh 1 year old oysters from Hiroshima.

Clay Pot Boiled Oyster Rice

¥1,380 (Tax inc.)

Rice topped with oysters. Please allow 30 minutes for preparation.

3-pieces Oyster Set

¥1,300 (Tax inc.)

  • 3 Raw Oysters
    (From 3 different harvest areas)

3-pieces Oyster Set

¥1,300 (Tax inc.)

  • 1 Raw Oyster
  • 1 Grilled Oyster
  • 1 Sake-steamed Oyster

10-pieces Oyster Set

¥4,280 (Tax inc.)

  • 10 Oysters
    (Choose from raw, grilled, sake steamed and shabu-shabu style)

Rice Soup with Oysters

¥880 (Tax inc.)

Toasted rice ball topped with oysters.

Deep Fried Oysters and Burdocks with Beaten Egg

¥780 (Tax inc.)

Oyster and Mushrooms Confit

¥730 (Tax inc.)

Oyters with Escargot Butter

¥1,200 (Tax inc.)

Deep Fried Oysters and Tofu in Tentsuyu Broth

¥650 (Tax inc.)

Grilled Oysters with Cucumber in Vinegar

¥450 (Tax inc.)

Set Menu

Full-course Dinner

¥5,500 (Tax inc.)

Deep Fried Oyster Set

¥1,200 (Tax inc.)

Side Dish / Salad

Japanese Style Omelet

¥580 (Tax inc.)

Grilled Ray Fin “Eihire”

¥560 (Tax inc.)

Salty Pickled Fish’s Intestine With Cream Cheese On Crispy Baguettes

¥660 (Tax inc.)

Deep Fried Horse Mackerel

¥600 (Tax inc.)

Fried White Shrimp

¥890 (Tax inc.)

Genuine Shisyamo

¥710 (Tax inc.)

Pork Intestine Stew

¥560 (Tax inc.)

Tofu Salad with Sesame Dressing

¥710 (Tax inc.)

Dried Young Sardines and Seaweed on Green Salad

¥710 (Tax inc.)


Ice Cream

¥460 (Tax inc.)


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